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Enhance Your Eyebrows with Microblading in Colton

If you are tired of spending time every day filling in and shaping your eyebrows with pencils, Inland Aesthetic Institute is proud to offer you a semi-permanent solution: microblading. This process involves a hand-held tool to inject delicate lines of pigment onto your eyebrows in order to give the appearance of fuller eyebrows and provide enhanced shaping. The pen used for the procedure is made up of super fine needles to brush stroke pigment onto your brows. The pigment color is selected to match your natural eyebrows.

Is Microblading a Tattoo? 

Microblading can be loosely described as a tattoo; however, there are many differences:

  • Unlike tattoos, microblading does not create a thick solid line of color
  • The pigment used for microblading is thicker than tattoo ink, so it does not penetrate the skin as deeply
  • The pigment is not injected deep into the skin like a tattoo, so it eventually wears off
  • The process is less painful than a tattoo

Our microblading technique creates a more natural appearance than a tattoo because it is done with tiny brush strokes that follow your eyebrow hairs’ natural direction.

Microblading Results

Results with microblading typically last 12-18 months. It may be necessary to come into our office for a touch-up to achieve your desired results. The great benefit of microblading is that your beautiful eyebrows will not wash off in the water or wear off after a long day.

Microblading Recovery

Allow about a week to let your brows heal after the procedure. If you are planning to enhance your brows for a special event, make sure you allow enough time to heal. They may appear a bit red and the incision lines could scab over for a week or two.

Why Should You Choose Us for Microblading?

Because this is a manual process, performed by an individual, it is important to choose your provider wisely. Our staff is fully licensed in body art to perform microblading and we have the specific training and experience to help create the most natural appearance possible. We have passed a facility inspection so you can rest assured that you will be entering a sterile environment, thus reducing the risk of complications due to infections.

Our staff is committed to educating our patients about microblading before performing the procedure so there are realistic expectations. For example, we want our patients to know:

  • This is not a permanent eyebrow solution
  • You may need a touch-up to get your desired results
  • Both eyebrows will probably not look identical
  • Although we use a numbing agent, some patients may still find the process uncomfortable
  • It takes time for the brows to heal
  • The brow color may change slightly during the healing process

To learn more about microblading in the Inland Empire, contact us today.