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Cosmetic procedures are typically not covered by insurance unless they are considered a medical necessity. At Inland Aesthetic Institute, we believe that improved self-confidence is priceless, so we work hard to help all of our patients afford the procedures they desire.

We offer 0% interest financing options for up to 24 months through CareCredit® as well as longer term low-interest financing options. We’ll work hard to make the cost of your procedure fit into your monthly budget. You can submit a credit request online and have an answer almost immediately…without affecting your credit report.

Fees for cosmetic procedures vary greatly. The best way to learn how much your procedure will cost is by scheduling an Aesthetic Consultation.

Flex Plans & Cosmetic Procedures

Flexible Spending Accounts and Cafeteria Plans allow you to have a portion of your paychecks put into a tax-free account to use for non-reimbursable medical expenses such as cosmetic procedures. These plans can help you save a significant percentage off your procedure. Most Flex Plans have strict rules, so contact your plan administrator to fully understand the details before you enroll. 

Follow These Flex Plan Steps

  1. Have an Aesthetic Consultation with an experienced doctor to make sure you qualify for the procedure you want.
  2. Determine how much your procedure will cost so you can allocate the right amount. Your doctor should be able to tell you this during your Consultation.
  3. Determine when you company’s deadline is for Flex Plan open enrollment.
  4. Use your allocated funds before the time limit runs out – you don’t want to lose the money you’ve saved.

If you have any questions about cosmetic procedure financing or wonder if your procedure might be covered by insurance, please call us and we’ll walk you through the process.