Obagi Skin Care: For Every Skin Type


Obagi Medical Products is more than a skin care product line; it’s a skin health product line. Obagi is recognized as a global leader for skin health products based on its Penetrating Therapeutics™ technology. 

Obagi is a prescription strength skin care system designed to minimize signs of aging, hyperpigmentation, symptoms of rosacea, sun damage and acne. The products work at the cellular level to transform your skin. There are different systems to tackle a myriad of skin issues, and our licensed skin aestheticians can help determine which one will produce the results you desire.

The skin aestheticians at Inland Aesthetic Institute also administer corrective and preventative facials and peels based on advanced skincare science from industry leaders such as Obagi. Maintaining a skincare regimen will help you keep your skin looking its very best, and Obagi products work to complement and maintain your rejuvenating skincare treatments.

Inland Aesthetic Institute is an authorized dealer of Obagi Medical Products. We’d love to tell you more about why so many of our clients love the Obagi system. Contact us today. These products are available online and at our clinic.